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Welcome to my website. I cook. I bake. And I do both a lot. I started this website as an expression of my love of food, cooking, baking, and rum through three blogs, but it quickly became so much more. Keep reading for the full story. 

Up until now, I have mostly cooked and baked for friends and family, parties and get-togethers chez Jacquie, and the occasional private party . My skills range from bbqing, to whipping up a mean salad to baked goods - delicious but rustic in appearance. No perfectly-formed macarons or big fancy layer cakes here (at least not yet). I do make a mean chocolate, pecan macaroon and at least one of my pies is rather eye-catching (pictured above: coconut cream pie). I also have other lines of service (outlined above). I hope you will explore my site and consider chez Jacquie when you are in need of some home-made deliciousness.

Come for the food, stay for the rum!