In Principio (In the Beginning)

Looking back it is hard to say when exactly I was set on this path. Maybe it started with tacos. Or maybe it started with boxes of Betty Crocker cupcake mix... mmmm rainbow bits.

I discovered that I loved to cook in university. I realized that I wanted to eat good food and not spend a fortune and stay healthy. It progressed quite naturally. I tried cooking new foods, started thinking about food which lead me to come up with my own recipes... And it just kept growing from there.  Then baking crept into my life.

It really gained momentum with my late grandmother's banana bread muffins. Then I tried another recipe because one can only eat so many banana muffins, no matter how good they are or no matter how many different spices one adds to mix it up. And then I don't know precisely when, but it was decided that if I ever opened a restaurant or food service establishment of any sort, it would have be called chez Jacquie. And this is what has driven me to lay claim to

Historia Mea (About Me)

I studied Latin at university. My name really is Jacquie. I am from Toronto. I play the flute in a marching band. I spent a year living in London. I talk a lot, so feel free to ask if you want to know more. 

The Name

It all started as a bit of a joke amongst some of my friends. They would refer to my apartment as chez Jacquie because of the frequency with which I would host parties, BBQs, and wine tasting gatherings rather pretentiously called in vino veritas (truth in wine, see Latin). But what does chez Jacquie mean? I'm getting there. 

I'm what people usually refer to as a "language person". In high school I studied both French and Spanish. I even had the opportunity to study Latin in summer school. YES. I actually spent a summer in high school studying Latin. In university, I continued to study all of the above, plus ancient Greek. Often in the same semester. I realize that this may not be normal. So here is a brief explanation on the name of my website/business.  

chez (pronounced shay) is a French word that roughly translates as "with", "at", or "in the presence of". The best translation for chez Jacquie, though, is probably Jacquie's place.