Sorry for the extended intermission.  I finished this rum a couple of weeks ago, but was busy catching up with posts in The Kitchen and The Bakery.  But I figured it was definitely time to show this blog some love.

I picked this rum up about two months ago while visiting the parentals.  It was on a crazy sale (at least in terms of the LCBO).  See Tough Decisions.  It was delicious.  It has the typical, slightly fruity thing going on that I find the "regular" Appleton's has, but it was much smoother and more caramel-y.  I think I like it a little bit better.  I still find it a little too alcohol-y to drink straight but I guess some people like the burn.

And that's all I have to say about that! :)

p.s.  I finally have a Jamaican rum in my blog!