This rum is from the same distillery/company that makes Appleton Estate, which I have been drinking for years.  This is sort of like the lower end (at least in terms of price) product.  But I highly recommend this rum.  As a side note, rum sold under the name Wray & Nephew is also from the same distillery.  I have one of those upon which I will be reporting shortly.  
This bottle is a complete steal at $26.  High value for money, in my opinion.  It is great as a mixer with coke (my standard) and also Pink Ting (the new way I like to mix it up now).

It is a beautiful light gold/amber colour and has a nice spiciness to it.  Maybe not the smoothest rum that I've ever had but sometimes you like something that is a little rough around the edges.  

On a tangent, I always find that once I come across or discover something, it starts showing up everywhere.  Shortly after I picked up my first bottle at the LCBO (and was thoroughly enjoying the rum), I celebrated an unnumbered birthday at my favourite Greek restaurant, Mykonos Grill.  

One of the owners was getting me set up with my first beverage, offering me their white rum (which I believe was Bacardi) and also mentioned that he had a spiced rum but couldn't remember what it was.  Being difficult, I made him go and check.  Sure enough, it was this one. I don't think I've ever seen it on offer at a restaurant before or since.

This will definitely not the the last time this bottle graces my liquor cabinet.