This is the rum that I bought instead of Captain Morgan when I discovered that at least one Captain Morgan rum has corn syrup in it.  I think this rum is delicious and great value for money.  And it's currently on sale ($5 off!) which makes it even better value.  I was tempted to pick up another bottle the other day when I was at the LCBO but chose two new rums that were also on sale.
I am going to continue to classify Bacardi as Cuban rum because that's where it was originally made.  However, I have noticed that different Bacardi rums are made in different places.  This one indicates it was made in the Bahamas.

This rum is delicious.  It has the typical caramel and toffee flavours but also has a little bit of bite to remind you that you are drinking alcohol.

Bacardi bottles are all pretty standard.  I think that the company has successfully established the bat emblem to such a degree that they can rely on its recognition to sell their products.  There is no "scarf" or Hoti (see Pyrat Rum).  Although this bottle does have a cork, which I always find is a nice (if unnecessary) touch.

I know that this will not be the last time I see an empty Bacardi 8 bottle.