Anyone who knows me, knows that I am not a huge fan of Captain Morgan rum.  I particularly dislike their white rum.  And I can tell the difference.  I have sent drinks back because I have asked for Bacardi and been given Captain Morgan.

As I mentioned in The Kitchen (BBQ Tour of Duty) I am visiting my parents.  And I have almost exhausted all my rum choices at their local LCBO (because it is smaller) except Captain Morgan.  So I had decided that it was time for me to give some of their other products a try.  Maybe they aren't all bad.  Besides white rum, they have a dark rum, a spiced rum, a Private Stock...

I inspected a few bottles and learned some interesting things.  First, Captain Morgan is a blend of Canadian and Caribbean rums.  Also, the products which I checked out are 35% alcohol (which is a little low compared to the standard 40% for most rums). 

In the end, I decided on the Private Stock at $35 (currently on sale for $33).  I always like to read the back of the bottle.  There is usually some interesting little tidbit or history about the origin of the rum and its supposed superiority.  And that's when I saw it; there was an ingredients list on the back.  So I read it and was SHOCKED to discover glucose-fructose (aka corn syrup) and artificial flavours on the list.  Why would I pay $35 for artificial sweetner and flavour? 

I was quite dismayed and started to wonder if any other rums that I've purchased have these ingredients.  So I started looking at the bottles.  Most rum bottles appear to have no list of ingredients, which suggests they they are 100% rum.  A few dark rums listed spices (but not artificial flavours) as ingredients.  And one listed sugar, but seeing that rum is from the byproduct of sugar production doesn't concern me as much but would influence the amount of money I would pay.

So two things have come out of this.  Captain Morgan's stock has gone down even further in my opinion, and I probably won't be trying any of their products any time soon.  And I will also start reading the labels of rum more carefully to determine if there is anything other than rum in the bottle.  Actually three things: I bought a bottle of Bacardi; if it ain't broke, don't fix it.