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Growing up, I seem to remember that half my family members drank gin (& tonic) while the other half drank rum (& coke). This is in addition to wine, beer, and anything else that the occasion might have demanded. My background is a combo of English, Irish, and Scottish so family gatherings were never lacking in libations...

I am not sure exactly when, but I ended up on the rum side of the family. That is not to say that I never drink gin (or other liquors), but my go-to beverage is rum & coke. Like my maternal grandmother, I initially favoured Bacardi white (I know, BO-RING). I eventually got out of that rut, and decided to go on a mission; a very yummy rummy, rum-tasting mission. 
Join me as I travel through all the rums at the LCBO and outre mer ("across the sea") as well.
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Gosling's Gold (aka Rum & Baby Food)

Posted by chez Jacquie on Monday, February 16, 2015, In : Bermuda 
Any reasonable person may ask what rum has to do with baby food.  And the answer is nothing, really. Except baby food jars make for really good liquid storage. 

The story goes that my best friend's husband (let's call him the Irishman) got a bottle of Gosling's Gold from a friend.  You can't currently get the Gold at the LCBO; you can only get the original Black Seal.

I had to lift this picture from the interwebs because I forgot to take a photo of the bottle. 

The Irishman has partaken many tim...

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Gosling's Black Seal

Posted by chez Jacquie on Sunday, June 17, 2012, In : Bermuda 
A very tasty rum, but calling it Bermuda Black Rum makes it sound rather mean.  And it's not a mean rum.  It is darker in colour as well, but don't let either of these facts scare you off.

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