I picked this one up fairly recently (it's always a good sign when the bottles don't last that long) at the recommendation of a friend.  I wasn't in particular need of a new rum, but the LCBO's website indicated this one was in "limited supply".  I am not sure if this is a temporary state of affairs or if it means that they are going to stop carrying this product.  Either way, I wasn't taking any chances.  And it was a good (and perhaps only) opportunity for me to try a rum from St. Lucia.

There is minimal information on the bottle (compared to some other rums).  I assume the name comes from the fact that it is "handcrafted blend of our finest double distilled pot and continuous still rums which have been personally selected by our chairman".  It did win two awards back in 2008, "Best in Class" and "Double Gold" (whatever that means).

Even though this was quite delicious, it wasn't really a stand out for me.  It was quite similar to several other rums I've tried; sweet, with the usual vanilla and caramel flavours.  It had a little bite.  But I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again.  Just not right now.  I've still got too many new ones to try.