This is the second bottle of Cuban rum that I finished off to make space for a new bottle.  Just like the bottle of Santiago (in the previous post), I wasn't ready to say goodbye.  It had been sitting around for months, with probably only a few ounces left.  But over Christmas, I finally got stopped procrastinating.  I convinced myself that it was time to stop wasting valuable space in my cupboard with numerous near-empty bottles.

I really liked this rum too.  Like Santiago, it is an Aged Rum (Ron Añejo).  It doesn't say for how long it was aged... I think the bare minimum for rum is three years so I figure it must be longer than that.  It was a little stronger than the Santiago.  I found it to be less sweet and to have a bit of a smoky flavour, which was nice for a change.  I haven't had many rums tha I would describe as having a smoky flavour.  Maybe that is something that I will have to work on.