I think I picked this rum up the last time I was visiting my parents.  I'd seen it a few times at the LCBO so I figured it was time to try it.  Plus, it is from Venezuela and I had never tried rum from there, so now I can cross that off my bucket list.  I think it is the only rum from Venezuela that the LCBO carries.  It costs a little more than average, at $42.

There is no interesting story or explanation regarding the name, which means Diplomat.  But the various buzz words, including "extra aged" and "reserve" as well as "rare rum selection" are present on the bottle. 

In addition to that it apparently won a gold medal, "World Selection", in Brussels.

Despite all that, I was not overly impressed with the rum.  I mean, it was good, it just wasn't great.  It wasn't particulary strong, just your typical amber rum.