This post covers the first goodbye.  My last post left off with the arrival of a dinner guest with two new (to me) bottles of rum.  In exchange for the privilege of trying his rums, I gave him access to my rum collection/selection.  I have quite a few rums on the go and several of those were nearly empty.  To say he finished two bottles is somewhat misleading, as there was only a shot left in each.  And he did make sure it was ok.      
I am going to spend a few minutes on the bottle; It is so different (shape, colour and Art Deco-style font) than other El Dorado bottles it is shocking.  It almost doesn't even look like a rum bottle...  The bottle has some serious weight to it.  And the coolest feature (which I did not notice right away) is the ship logo.  It is actually not on the front of the bottle The ship is printed on the back and lined up so that it appears to be resting on the white wave on the front.
This rum is kind of crazy.  It certainly doesn't taste like your run-of-the-mill white rum.  It smells like a spiced rum and tastes like an amber rum.  It has a very strong caramel thing going on.  I imagine that is due to the fact that it is made from demerara sugar.    

At only $29.95 a bottle, I consider this a steal.  It is definitely something different to have on hand and it does have a nice smooth flavour that I think it would work well in a variety of cocktails.  

While I was sad to see the bottle go, I know it won't be the last time it graces my liquor cabinet.