There has been a lengthy hiatus from my blog postings. In all blogs. Totally my bad. Life. C'est la vie! However, there has been no hiatus in my rum drinking. I always make time for that. 
At the time that I bought this bottle, it had just recently become available at the LCBO. Although now it is probably old news...

I have previously blogged the 5 Year Old and I also have tried the 7 Year Old at a Drink festival in Toronto but is (still) not currently available at the LCBO.

Both the 5 Year Old and 7 Year Old have a good kick to them.  While I was excited to try this and impressed by the bottle (I know, I am a sucker), it was quite wishy-washy in flavour.  I was quite disappointed.  I guess I could say that it was quite smooth... but lacking in bold flavour.  It was missing all the usual things I would expect; toffee, caramel, wood, smoke, chocolate, coffee. NADA! This is all more surprising given its rich reddish-brown hue. 

The bottle is quite substantial, so maybe its only redeeming quality is that it would make a good weapon. :-)