Hooray for another delicious Canadian rum.  Sort of.  In truth, I guess no rum is truly Canadian since we do not (cannot) grow sugar cane here.  In fine print, the label confesses that George Street is a blend of Caribbean rums but the end result is touted as a Newfoundland original, created by over 20 mixologists.    

What's in a name?  According to the rum's website, George Street has the most bars per square foot in North America.  Impressive. I guess Newfies like their rum, among other things.    

At about $25 a bottle, this is one of the cheapest rums I've purchased in a while.  But it is quite delicious.  It smells and tastes like butterscotch ice cream.  It is very sweet and also has lots of vanilla too.

I like Screech better, mainly because it is less sweet and a little rough around the edges but I would definitely buy this one again.  I think it would be nice on ice cream or maybe in some cocktails to take advantage of its specific flavour.