Any reasonable person may ask what rum has to do with baby food.  And the answer is nothing, really. Except baby food jars make for really good liquid storage. 

The story goes that my best friend's husband (let's call him the Irishman) got a bottle of Gosling's Gold from a friend.  You can't currently get the Gold at the LCBO; you can only get the original Black Seal.

I had to lift this picture from the interwebs because I forgot to take a photo of the bottle. 

The Irishman has partaken many times in my rum bounty, so he was nice enough to offer me a few samples.  I had a couple of drinks at their house one night, but they also gave me a shot to take home for future consumption.  Enter the baby food jar.
I find it hilarious that I have rum in a baby food jar. However, at the time, it was very practical.

My bestie and the Irishman had just recently welcomed my de facto nephew into the world so there was an abundance of these jars around their kitchen.  It really is the perfect size for small amount of liquid.  If anything, it just speaks to both of our practical sides that we take no issue with the obvious conflict.  I do get some pretty strange looks though. 

And just in case there was any doubt that my name actually is Jacquie...

To be honest, I don't have much to say about the rum. I haven't really consumed enough to comment on it that much. I remember it having a pretty intense burn to it, so I did mix with coke after tasting a few straight sips first. I hope that one day it will become available in the LCBO. Or even better, maybe I will travel to Bermuda to take in some sun and rum first hand.