I do realize that I have done three posts in two days but I did not finish all bottles within this time frame.  This bottle I finished on my own.  I had been delaying the inevitable with this bottle as well.  I picked this up a while ago.  It was a new product by Havana Club and it caught my eye one day at the LCBO.  It's quite hard to miss.  The bottle looks ready to party with its bright yellow and red label.  

Before I get to the rum, I'd like to say that I love Havana Club rums because most (if not all) have the little pour control thingy in the top of the bottle.  I think I have mentioned this before, but it is a really nice feature.  I think all bottles should have it.  

This rum is the palest shade of yellow.  It has a sweet, fruity almost floral smell to it.  It smells like a lighter version of Wray & Nephew (which I haven't blogged yet).  It also has a similar taste, but much lighter.  I mixed it with coke and the flavour definitely comes through...  It is recommended for Daiquiris and Mojitos.  I didn't follow the recommendation, but I think it would make more interesting cocktails.  Unlike most white (or very light) rums, this one has a distinct flavour that would add complexity to the drink.  It does hit you right away with a little burn and warmth if you drink it straight.  

This bottle completes my tour of Havana Club rums; I have now tried all of those available at the LCBO.  Perhaps they will bring out new products at some point or I will have make my way to Cuba to see if they have additional products available.