And now for the second goodbye.  But first, the story of this rum goes back. Way back.  It was probably over a year ago that a friend of mine too me to Ceili Cottage, a delicious little Irish pub on Queen Street East.  It is a very cool little place, all wood inside, lots of small little cosy rooms, a large main room with a long wood bar.  And it is more of a true pub with more gourmet food than nachos and chicken fingers.  I had the bangers & mash , which is significant because this is the first time that I dared to order them in many years.  Up to this point, I had figured there was no way that any bangers & mash could really compete with what I had eaten while living/studying in London.  I decided it was finally time to take the risk, and it paid off.  They were delicious.  We were sitting at the bar, eating and drinking (I had strayed and actually ordered a beer) when I noticed a beautiful and previously unknown bottle of Havana Club on the shelf.  
I am not sure that my photo really does justice to the colour of the label.  It is the most perfect shade of blue.  It was calling my name.  I signalled to the bartender and asked if I could try it.  He poured a little in a glass for me.  I felt bad, because in the end I got a free sample but that was not my intent.  Shortly thereafter, I secured a bottle from the LCBO.  Apparently it is not always available. 

This rum has the most incredible vapour after you have had it in your mouth for a few seconds.  It almost makes you cough.  The alcohol content is 45% so that may have something do with it but I've had stronger rums than this that had no vapour. 

In addition to the vapour, it has a rich and spicy flavour and a pronounced burn on the way down.  It's a fantastic shade of reddish brown, presumably as a result of being aged in (unspecified types of) wood barrels.  I think, after the Añejo Reserva, this is my favourite.  But due to the fact that it costs twice as much, I won't regularly be stocking it.  I was sad to see it go too, but its spot in my cabinet was quickly refilled.