Over the last little while, I've taken to doing all my shopping at Kensington Market with some friends, picking up some delicious goodies and then cooking dinner at my place on Saturday night.  Last Saturday, another friend of mine (a fellow rum lover) joined the party at the last minute.  And he came with a bottle of rum in each hand.  Hello new rums!  But goodbye old rums (there will be to subsequent, related posts).  Fortunately (and also unfortunately), he picked up both bottles in the US.  After a little research, I confirmed that the George Street rum is available here (it's actually from Newfoundland!) but the Caribana Sol is not available at the LCBO.

I tried the Caribana Sol first.  The label states it is "Barbados Virgin rum with Spices and Natural flavors".  It was ok but I found that it had an overly spiced and (as a result) slightly artificial flavour to it.  And since it was purchased in the US, I am not sure what their labelling laws require them to declare on the bottle.  I covered Canada's laws (at least partially) in a previous post, and any artificial flavours and/or colours must be indicated on the bottle.  In any case, I won't be rushing to cross the border to get my hands on a bottle of Caribana Sol.
I have actually seen the George Street rum at the LCBO and I know I will get to it sooner or later.  I will just consider this a little preview.  It was very nice.  Reminded of Screech (the other Newfie rum that I know about).

I consider trying two new rums on a Saturday night a victory.  Having good company and good food (pork chops, a wild boar chop, Caesar salad, Caprese salad, fresh bread and home-made coconut rice pudding) helped too.

The only (small) downside was that my fellow rum lover, in exchange for his rums, had unfettered access to my rums.  As a result, he finished off two bottles (there was only a drink left in each) which will be covered in the two subsequent posts.  You've got to give a little to get a little.  I guess that's the cost of doing business.