I should have known better than to buy a rum called Palm Breeze.  Plenty of claims are made on the bottle: Genuine Demerera Rum; Ultra Smooth; Superior; Est. 1849; all of which give 'cred' to the rum. 

It made me think of tropical islands, sandy beaches and warm and gentle breezes coming from the ocean....  Maybe I imagined it would transport me to such a place.  And when it didn't, I was disappointed.

Or maybe I was just disappointed because it was lacking in flavour.  It is a very light tasting rum.  If you pour yourself a double (or what most guys consider a single) you do get the flavour.  And it is ok...it's a little bit sweet.   It might be ok in a tropical fruity drink if you didn't want a distinctive and strong rum flavour.

I guess I also should have known better than to buy such a cheap rum.  Sometimes you do get what you pay for.  It may be the cheapest at the LCBO at $23.90 so that is a bit of a consolation prize. 

It's made in Canada and they don't even claim to be using rum from the Caribbean or any of the other typical places.

In a pinch, it would do.  And I would choose it over Captain Morgan.