Another point for Guyana!  I received this rum for Christmas and it's already an empty bottle on my blog... you do the math.  According to the back of the bottle, there was a Mr. Lemon Hart, and in the lat 1700s he became the first supplier of rum to the British Royal Navy.  The name is almost too weird to make up.  It seems that, presumably after successfully supplying rum to the Navy, Mr. Lemon Hart established his own rum company in 1804.      

As if rum doesn't normally smell yummy enough, this one smells like chocolate!  And also a little like coffee (which makes Mocha).  I couldn't believe it.  Most of the other rums I've tried smell like vanilla and/or caramel and toffee, which are all good but so is chocolate.  I don't think I would say it really tastes like chocolate.  It has a very rich flavour (with a colour to match) and it is definitely on the sweeter side.  

This rum is a complete steal at $26.95 (yes, it was a gift but I have to do my research).  I think this would be a great staple to have in one's liquor cabinet/bar as the spiced rum option.