I am a sucker for packaging.  I quite like the label, with its parchment-like appearance of an old pirate treasure map.  And it has a real cork, which I know doesn't matter but I love the sound it makes when opening the bottle.

I researched the name because it was so close to Methuselah. Turns out it is a biblical reference to Methuselah (Matusalem being the Spanish form).  According to the product website, there is an expression esto es mas viejo que Matusalem, to denote that something is older than Methuselah.  It alludes to the age and quality of the rum.

The label contains additional details including that the distillery was established in 1872 and the rum has been awarded numerous medals (two gold, one silver).  While currently being produced in the Dominican, the label gently alludes to its Cuban origin while simultaneously hoping avoiding a lawsuit from Havana Club (i.e. the Cuban Government).

The rum smells like chocolate and coffee.  It reminds me of Kahlua.  The flavour isn't quite as pronounced to match.  It is not the smoothest rum I've ever had.  You can definitely taste the alcohol and feel a little burn.  I don't think it will make my top ten list, but I would buy it again.