A couple of months ago, I heard that Coke from Mexico uses only sugar, not corn syrup.  I found this interesting because I try to eat things that don't have a lot of added, highly-processed ingredients.  While I don't think that sugar is good for me, if given the option I'd rather consume sugar than some cocktail of artificial sweeteners.  But I sort of forgot about this for a while, or rather, filed it away for future reference.
It came to the surface again while I was at Rhum Corner.  I noticed that they were using Coke in glass bottles as a mixer.  That got the wheels turning.  Then I realized how I could do some research.

During my weekly shopping trips to Kensington Market, I often eat at Pancho Y Emiliano, a casual Mexican eatery.  I realized that they sell Coke in bottles!  And they are imported from Mexico and contain only sugar (as the sweetener).  And I found one of the Latin American grocers in Kensington carries the Coke.  It makes me wonder if it is not just Mexican Coke that spurns corn syrup.

I don't think I can detect a major difference in flavour, but I plan to do a blind taste test at some point.  I do enjoy the fact that one bottle is perfect for two rum & cokes.