This post may seem a little convoluted but I think it is best to start with the fact that I love grapefruit.  I eat one for breakfast every day.  I also used to mix white rum with pink grapefruit juice and a splash of cranberry. It makes a very refreshing summer beverage.

Now the story takes us to Rhum Corner.  As you may know, I tried numerous cocktails, one of which was called Wray & Ting.  I had no idea what Ting was, but I was excited to learn that Ting is a carbonated grapefruit soda from Jamaica.  While I found that the Wray & Nephew rum overpowered the flavour of the Ting, I think it would be great with a lighter-tasting rum.
I often experience a weird phenomenon when I discover something new; I suddenly see it everywhere.  Last week I saw Ting at No Frills.  And just this week, while having lunch at Rasta Pasta in Kensington Market, I found out that there is also a Pink Ting!  It was so light and refreshing, only mildly sweet and a little tart.  It was the perfect counter to the savoury and mildly spicy jerk. 

After lunch, I was able to find both Tings in a Caribbean grocery store.  My fridge is now stocked for future mixing with rum.