I feel like I've been shirking my responsibilities.  But I swear, I've been drinking rum as fast as I can!  I got down to business tonight and polished off this bottle which I had picked up a while ago.  It's got a lot going on.  The bottle itself is quite cool and it's also quite heavy.  I like rums that have a cork.  This one also has a 'scarf', a booklet, a charm and a handwritten label that apparently provides a unique number that verifies hand-bottling.

The rum is a very rich, almost red, colour.  The flavour is quite stong and different from most of the rums I have had so far.  It also has a very long, honeyed after taste.  I do like it but I am not sure that everyone would.  The LCBO website declares it also has ginger notes.  I am not sure I ever would have picked it out myself, but it does have a very strong spiced flavour that is quite distinct.  It's not just all sweet and vanilla.

Now back to all the paraphernalia.  According to the little booklet, it is a blend of different Caribbean rums that are then bottled in Guyana. 

Perhaps even more interesting, this rum comes from the same people who make Patrón (tequila).  It is for this reason that I have classified it under USA since the company is based in Nevada.
The little charm attached to the bottle is a Hoti (Ho-Tie), the Zen (a particular branch of Japanese Buddhism) patron saint and protector of fortune tellers and, more importantly, of bartenders.  In spite of all the gimmicks, it is still a tasty rum and I would probably buy it again.  It's just not an everyday rum on account of its unique taste.