As you may have already noticed, I am lucky enough to be spoiled by people. They bring me back rums from far off places, such as the Dominican Republic, and, in this case, Cuba.
Currently, the only Cuban rum available through the LCBO is Havana Club. And while I like all of them, from what I've been told there are upwards of 10 other rums available only on the rum-filled island. Other rums that I have been lucky enough to try from Cuba can be found here. I have (perhaps controversially) classified Bacardi as Cuban, even though it is neither currently made nor bottled in Cuba. 

I think this bottle may have cost me a batch of butter tarts. I am completely open to bartering baked goods (or other types of food) for rums not available at the LCBO.

Of the Cuban rums I have tasted, I find they all have similar qualities to this one. They have a pretty rich, spicy taste but also are a little rough around the edges with a good burn on the finish. I don't think I would every turn down a rum from Cuba.

As an aside, I looked up the meaning of Caney. It means hut or log cabin, and can also mean chief's house. Given the image on the label (what looks to be a group of indigenous people dancing and/or celebrating in front of a large hut), I suspect the correct translation in this case may be chief's house.