I went on a bit of a rum excursion today.  It has become a bit of a ritual that I pick up a new rum when I visit the parentals.  However, I have somewhat exhausted my options at the local LCBO and we were out and about today so decided to stop at the new-ish LCBO in Newmarket.  They have quite the impressive wall of rum.
While I have sampled the majority of rums pictured here, they did have enough new ones that it took me a few minutes to decide.  In the end , a rum - Matusalem - that was $5 off (which is a big deal for the LCBO) caught my eye.  The label is a little misleading.  But I will save that for the full report once I have drained the bottle.  But I've already dipped into it and no complaints.  I think my next purchase may be the El Dorado Silver (second shelf from the bottom, second set of bottles from the right).  I can already claim that I have sampled the complete line of Havana Club rums, and, of all the other rum brands out there, I am probably the next closest to being able to say it about El Dorado.