I love it when the LCBO brings out all their Christmas/Holiday specials.  Lots of products go on sale, they have the gift packs with branded glasses and other merchandise, and there are often a lot of limited edition items on offer too.  I look for gifts for myself as well as others.
I was checking out the online catalogue the other day when I came across a rum that was on clearance (at $24.50 it was almost $10 off its original price) because it was being delisted.  It's called Domaine de Marquisat de Ste. Marie.  It's from Guadeloupe.  And I've never had rum from there.  It is also quite potent, at 62% alcohol.  And I was intrigued that it's made from sugar cane juice, not molasses like most rums.  For all these reasons,  I had to have it.

I do realize that I am breaking all my own rules with this post.  Not only have I not finished the bottle, I haven't even tried it yet.  And you can see I've included some non-rum products in this photo.  But they will be woven into my tale of adventure.
Back to the rum for now.  Because the rum was on clearance, it was not widely available.  According to the LCBO website, the Summerhill location (which is conveniently located for me) had just one bottle left.  I needed to pick up some other things so I took the chance and went.  After speaking with two employees, they basically said they didn't have it (even though the website said they had one bottle).  But don't fear, this part of the quest was not a total loss.

Now I am going to digress to the other products pictured above.  And if you keep an open mind, the first two do actually tie into rum. 

I was looking for a few gifts for friends.  I like to gift things that speak to the receiver but also have some connection to me as the giver.  While looking at rums on the LCBO website, I came across these two different types of Innis & Gunn.  Both are aged in oak barrels that were previously used for rum.  They seemed like a perfect give from one rum lover to another rum lover who also likes beer.  They are the perfect (and relatively inexpensive) way to embellish the gift baskets of baked goods I make up. 
I was also able to secure these two bottles.  It's a little hard to see, but these beers are also aged in barrels, but barrels that were used for Scotch.  Specifically Highland Park 12.  These are destined for another friend who does enjoy the (ahem) occasional Scotch.  And while I am not much of a Scotch drinker myself, I do have a soft spot for all things Orcadian, including Highland Park.  I spent a week in the Orkney Islands (off the northern coast of Scotland) and visited the distillery.  I loved all the places I visited in Scotland, but the Orkneys take the cake.  The landscape is harshly beautiful.  I tell anyone who will listen that they should included them on a tour of Scotland.  It helped that I had great hosts.  But I will save the full version of my Orcadian wedding adventure for another time.
As pleased as I was with my above purchases, my quest was still incomplete.  So I went back to the drawing board to source out another LCBO that had more stock.

The LCBO at Pape & Gerrard was reasonably close and accessible, and according to the website had 11 bottles.  I went the extra step and called to make sure they actually had those 11.  I was assured that they did.  So I made my way over after work.  I had already been told that I would have to ask for the bottles when I got there because they would not be on the shelf.  It took them about 15 minutes to search out the bottles in the stock room.  I was getting a little nervous, but finally the sales clerk emerged with them in hand. 

While I was waiting for them to locate the rum, I was looking around at some of the products.  I was right next to the Ontario craft beer section when I spotted this bottle.  I guess that is the thing about quests; They can have unexpected outcomes.  Maybe the entire time, I was really just supposed to find this beer.  As a member of the 48th Highlanders Military Band, what are the chances that I would end up staring at this aptly named bottle of beer?  I picked up two bottles as well to be gifted come Christmas.

And, as you already know from the first picture, I successfully purchased two bottles of the rum.  Quest complete!  I cannot wait to try my bottle and to gift the other.