I got RUMS for Christmas!  Not just these, but these may be my favourites.  There is a long history to me and these rums, which has been told, piece by piece, in multiple blog posts.

In short, my bestie brought me back the white directly from the Dominican quite a few years ago.  At the time, it wasn't available at the LCBO.  So far, it is the smoothest white rum I've had.

Initially the LCBO started to carry the regular Brugal Gold (which I don't care for and still have a bottle on the go), and then brought in the Brugal Añejo (which is delightful) and now also (so I just learned) the white.  I already have a blog post on the Blanco, but another friend more recently brought it back from Dominican for me.

I think they make a beautiful couple. Almost a shame to open them.