I had about one inch left in this bottle for the longest time.  I was serioulsy procrastinating.  It sounds silly but sometimes I don't want to finish a bottle, especially if it's one that I may never be able to replace.  And this would be one of those bottles.  I also thought that I was going to be hosting a rum tasting and wanted to have as many different rums on hand as possible.

A friend brought it back from Cuba for me about year ago.  I finally gave in and finished the bottle in the name of makin' space.  The same friend was visiting Cuba again and was about to bring me another bottle.  And my liquor cabinet was (and really still is) quite full.  It seemed appropriate to drink up the Cuban rum I had to make way for more.  See the next post for the second bottle that I polished off in the name of making space.   

I quite enjoyed this rum.  One thing that I've noticed about Cuban rums is that the bottles all seem to have the little pour control thingy.  It's genius.  I've also seen it in some of the larger bottles of Bacardi.  It makes it incredibly easy to pour rum without spilling.
But back to the actual rum.  It was a lovely deep amber colour.  It wasn't as strong as I expected, but had a nice but light sweet toffee flavour.  I usually mixed it with coke, which I learned is called a Cubata.  I thought it was called a Cuba Libre but that's with white rum.  In any case, it just makes me want to go to Cuba more so I can taste other rums. For now, I will have to content myslf with my new bottle of rum.  Surprisingly, I've had it for over a week and still haven't opened it.  I have been sick, but I am also thinking about having a rum opening party since I have a bunch of new bottles.  Opening new bottles of rum seems as good a reason as any to have friends over.