Sometimes I am very proud of my rum collection.  Although other times I feel slightly embarrassed by the fact that I have so many rums.  But here they are in all their glory.  I've been working on some of these for a while.  They are not all "everyday" rums, some because they were a little more expensive and some because they cannot be easily replaced.  I think I currently have a pretty good representation of rums from different countries.  Taste the rainbow! 

El Dorado 12 - This one is from Guyana.  It's one of two El Dorados that I currently have.  I've consumed several (different) bottles of El Dorado, all documented in the blog.  They have all been delicious and yummy.   This rum was also the main ingredient in a very delicious cookie recipe

El Dorado Deluxe Silver (6 Years) - The story of this rum is covered in Tough Decisions.  I've only tried it a few times but I like it.  For a white rum, it does have a disctint flavour.  It will require more research though.

Brugal Gold Label - This is the only rum I have that I do not like.  I've had it for a very long time and still haven't finished it.  And there is no end in sight. The whole sordid tale is covered in another post

Bacardi Black - This is the latest addition to my collection.  A friend from work picked it up for me.  Apparently the LCBO near his house was having some sort of clearance sale, which is at once both awesome, weird and concerning...  Anyways, I drank some tonight and I am still here.  I quite like it so far.

Brugal (Blanco) - My favourite white rum!  Another friend from work just got back the the Dominican and was kind enough (actually totally awesome enough) to bring me some back.  I haven't opened it yet.  But it goes so well with grapefruit and cranberry juice.   

Santiago de Cuba - more presents from the Caribbean. This one is from Cuba (duh).  I drank some over the weekend and it was quite good too.  It's not as strong tasting as I expected, but it's still very nice.  I'd also like to try some of their aged rums, but it will be tricky since they are not available here. I was also intrigued to learn that this rum took over the original Bacardi plant in Cuba.
Appleton Estate - I bought this one while it was on sale too.  Ever since most bars and restaurants have replaced Bacardi with Captain Morgan, I am finding that this is becoming my standard.  Most places still carry this, even if they don't have Bacardi.

Admiral Rodney - I haven't drunk that much of this one,  it wasn't cheap.  It's definitely more of a special occasion rum, not to be mixed.  It is from St. Lucia.

I definitely have my work cut out for me!