"Release the Kraken!" -Liam Neeson as Zeus in Clash of the Titans. 'nough said. Excellent rum, but not as strong or as harsh as I expected based on the fact that it's called "black spiced rum" (see also Gosling's).  Although it does have a slightly higher alchohol content than usual (at 47%).  And any bottle that has Latin on it is ok by me. ;)  The label art appears as though it were from a Medieval Latin Bestiary (a text that described animals, some real, some not).  It's also got the Latin name/classification of the Giant Squid.  More educational rum. :)

p.s.  It doesn't specify where this rum originated or where it was originally made.  I was tempted to classify it as Navy Rum but according to the LCBO website it is made in the USA.